The 50s decade is an inspiration for many of todays designers and the modern classics such as designs from Eames and Robin Day are in demand. See our Interiors section for a round-up of the latest revival pieces, some quirkier interpretations of the originals, from reproductions to vintage inspired designs.

The Southbank centre is hosting a series of events to celebrate 60th anniversary of 1951 Festival of Britain, the confidence boosting post war event. The original festival was a high budget event with over a quarter of the population attending.  It left us the the legacy of the Festival Hall and memories of the Dome of Discovery, Skylon and the first 3D Cinema on the site. Running from the 22nd April to 4th September 2011 there will be events such as Tracey Emin at the Hayward Gallery, performances from Billy Bragg, the pianist Lang Lang and the Vintage Festival from designer Wayne Hemingway.

 But what happened to Skylon? This elegant, futuristic structure was prematurely removed from the site. There are rumours that it may still be at the bottom of the River Lea where it was apparently thrown after Winston Churchill ordered it to be dismantled in 1952 because he saw it as a symbol of socialism.  Others say it was cut up, sold for scrap metal or buried under Jubilee Gardens.

This is a wonderful video which evokes the feeling of the time.