Curved walls enclose and connect spaces in a particular way and can lead to inspired designs. The curve has an organic feel and, used appropriately, describes movement through the building.

Curved forms clockwise from bottom left:  Rammed earth construction see Glass block wall. Pebble wall see Corbusier's Ronchamp Chapel.

Curved windows can be expansive and frame the view or used in the concave form allow the external space to nestle into the house. Curved sliding doors are a great solution for generous openings onto the garden and are available from a couple of manufacturers in the UK - go to our main directory website for details.

Forming curved walls successfully requires a small module to work with, brick, mosaic, pebbles - or no module at all such as concrete or rammed earth.  There are a number of different methods and types of formwork to create a radius and for internal walls there are several flexible plasterboards on the market.

Illustrated projects: Architects  - Curved sliding doors -