House history is not all about thatched cottages and georgian town houses, there is also a rich seam in the 20th century of houses that make up our suburbs and are part of living history, with the origins remembered by friends and relatives.

The inter and post war building booms needed land further out of our cities and spawned house types that reflected the architectural innovations of the time. It's true that many of these were not the best examples with styles taken on by developers and cheaply built - but a number of young innovative architects, such as Wells Coates, Maxwell Fry and Eric Lyons who later had great careers, tested out their new housing ideas in the suburbs.

Our new House History page will take a second look at houses that have often been overlooked and are now being renovated and cherished by their owners. The above posters show two housing developments from the 1930s and 1960s and the photos below show how the owners of these house types have modernised them.

For a preview of the wonderful ranch style house at Edgcumbe Park in Berkshire renovated by Bungalow Industries visit this link