The excitement of planning your new home project starts here - with inspiration and hard facts from experts along with new innovations and example projects.

 Last year's projects from the Brooks Practice in Wimbledon and Surrey

What is the key to a successful home renovation? The expense of full professional help throughout a project can be expensive but you will find many designers and architects that offer a menu of services and can tailor the expense of their services to your budget. There is much information throughout the web and of course Design Your House, and with the right resources you can make good progress with design decisions yourself.

Find out how to stretch your money and prioritise your aims - research pays off, find a guide on our website to Construction Costs.

Do allow sufficient time for planning your project and check with our section on Planning and Construction
for information about local authority consents and latest planning updates from our consultant.

Wanting professional help? Interview a number of architects and designers before chosing. It is not just about liking their work but also how they will work with you - communication between client and designer is the key to a successful project.

Write your project brief - it can start as a 'wish list' illustrated with images you like from the web and magazines. Transform it into a diagram of the space ready to convert into a construction drawing. If you are technically minded and want to draw up plans yourself look at the DIY Design Guide for CAD packages we have reviewed.

Find 'Before and After' photos of house extensions and renovations on our Gallery page. Although there may be a project similar to yours use it for inspiration only, remember you are designing just for you and make it unique.