Now summer is coming to a close it's time to review changes to your home that can improve it for next year. The lovely long summer of 2013 has encouraged us to think about the connection of the house to the garden and the relaxed living style it gives.

There are so many door types to chose from to open up the living space to the garden, sliding/folding doors open up to the maximum but sliding doors have bigger pane sizes and less visual interruption to the view of the garden, but with the disadvantage of less opening space.  Your choice will depend upon the size of opening you require onto the garden and how you want to frame the views.

Sky Frame have designed a sliding door system with minimal framing and an integral threshold drain, the sleekest system around for maximum views.

Using a glazed corner can both give wider views of the garden and, if opening corner doors are used, can seamlessly integrate a patio giving an illusion of greater space.  Both sliding/folding and sliding doors can be used for corner openings; a fixed glazed corner is also a visual way of integrating the inside and outside space, especially if frameless glazing is used as the project below using Cantifix glazing systems.
Height of doors is also important, using floor to ceiling doors increases the light and views and high level 'clerestory' windows and roof lights will show tree tops and sky - your living space will feel part of the nature around rather than an enclosed internal space.
It is important to consider the aspect of your house when using extensive glazing; south facing aspects are popular but you must take into account the solar gain and use the correct glass specification, blinds and curtains as necessary to make the living space comfortable.  Aspects receiving less sun can work well with glazing, giving views of a sunny garden but without the full glare on the living space.